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Inanimate Park Starts Blogging, Social Networking

The High Line?the conversion of the old elevated West Side train tracks into a lush landscaped path/trippy mindfuck?will open its first segment to area fashionistas in the fall. That's still a long way off, and since the only regular glimpse we can get of the construction comes from the Standard Hotel's website, we're left craving more. More, damn it! Luckily, our call for all-High-Line-all-the-time has been answered. Coming at you like a rusted bitch scorned is the High Line Blog and the High Line Facebook page. The Friends of the High Line appear to be behind both ventures, and neither is written from the perspective of the High Line itself, an unfortunate missed opportunity. Dear Diary, today the Standard dropped another wrench on my head. I responded by staring up into its crotch for 24 hours...
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