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Development Du Jour: WA Condominiums

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Location: 2201 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd at 130th Street
Size: Six floors, two levels of parking, 35 units
Prices: $900-$1,100 per square foot
Architect: Spector Group
Developer: WA Design & Development
Sales & Marketing: WA Design & Development
Lowdown: Sure, we may have pronounced the whole Mondrian thing officially over, but this is one to keep an eye on, if only because it's certainly something different for the cusp of West Harlem. Trevor Whittingham and David Atkinson are the W and A in WA, and they say they are the first "men of Harlem" to own and develop a full-service condo building in the area. The building, now under construction, will have a gym, rooftop pool and running track, and delivery service from local stores like Citarella and Fairway. Calling all Harlem-invading yuppies.

The grand lobby. Click to expand.

Inside a three-bedroom unit. Click to expand.

The rooftop pool, with some detail on the windows. Whereabouts of running track unknown. Click to expand.

The current look. Do not click to expand.