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CurbedWire: Party Like a Rockstar at the Ludlow, 'Satan's Diarrhea' in Harlem

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LES?Ah, the Ludlow, where you can "Live like a Rockefeller" and "Party Like a Rockstar." The tipster who sent the photo also write the following in an email with the subject line "The continued douchebagging of the Lower East Side": "Saw this billboard near Second Avenue and Second Street. It's an ad for The Ludlow. I'd complain about how it's ruining the Lower East Side by bringing in fratty douchebag investment bankers who probably call each other "bro" and refer to money as 'coin,' but I myself was admittedly headed to Whole Foods for lunch. And I have a camera-phone. Pretty douchey." [CurbedWire Inbox]

HARLEM?An email offers a little insider insight into the neighborhood around today's Development Du Jour, the amusingly named Lotta Condominiums: "My buddies and I lived across Adam Clayton Powell Blvd from this building a few years back. The guy who ran the storefront coffee shop in our building told us that people in the neighborhood called our side of the street heaven and the other side hell. We didn't see such biblical differences. The only thing that came close to justifying the dramatic distinction was a particular menu item from the King Wok Chinese restaurant on the hell side. We called the egg foo young 'Satan's diarrhea.' A beloved memory of mine is my roommate coming home one night to find me eating the egg foo young and yelling 'Dude, you have a job! Why are you eating that?'" [CurbedWire Inbox]