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Special CurbedWire: 125th St. Rezoning Approved

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The City Planning Commission has voted to approve controversial rezoning of 125th Street in Harlem with some modifications. Planning Chair Amanda Burden called the vote "a major milestone in moving this extremely significant initiative forward" and said the rezoning, which allows more housing on 125th Street and taller buildings, among other things, "will reinforce the 125th Street Corridor as an important regional business district and bolster its historic role as an arts, entertainment and retail corridor." Some modifications include the prohibition of residential lobbies on 125th Street if buildings can be entered on 124th or 126 Streets and stronger standards to ensure that "bonus" space is used by actual nonprofits. The rezone will allow up to 2,500 new apartments in the dozens of blocks that it covers and for buildings 120, 160 or 290 feet tall, depending on where they are located. The Vornado Major League Baseball building would be exempted. The City Council has to approve the rezoning. It goes without saying that reactions will be coming.
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