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New Flatbush Avenue Condo Gets Bannered

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Call it the New Angle building. Banners have sprouted on a huge new condo tower going up on Flatbush Avenue at Myrtle along with a cumbersome url The building is coming in at 38 stories and will have 240 condos along with pool, fitness center and all of the other usual suspects in terms of luxe condo add ons, plus silver LEED certification because "green is the new black." Completion is project for sometime next year, although there is a great distance to travel between now and then. The website just has a few intro screens right now and a spot to register for more information. At one point, there was a 150 Myrtle website for the building, though it appears to be gone now. Although no renderings are floating around, the website calls it "an iconic building" and refers to architects Skidmore Owings & Merrill as "the premiere architects of the 21st Century." Sales are being handled by Halstead.
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