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Historic Coney Child's Building Going Roller Skating

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The historic Child's Building in Coney Island will be the site of a roller rink this summer. The 1923 era building, which housed a Childs Restaurant, has only been open to the public a handful of times since it closed in 1950. Taconic Investment, which is a big player in Coney Island development but has kept a much lower profile than the other big Coney developer, holds a long-term lease on the property and eventually plans to turn it into a restaurant and entertainment venue and surround it with highrises. For now, however, it will be hosting a temporary roller rink operated by boardwalk entrepreneur Lola Staar who got money for the enterprise by Tommy Hilfiger and Glamour magazine after she won a competition that asked entrants to write about their "dream come true." They'll be shooting a reality show about transformation from 1920s terra cotta to 2000s hot pink showcase. They may also be hosting burlesque shows.
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