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It Happened One Weekend: Ghostbusting Park Avenue, the Lost Art of Compromise, More!

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1) Can a change of address break a curse? P. Diddy's old 12-story townhouse at 813 Park Avenue has bounced between developers and brokerages with no buyers in sight. Now divided into three huge apartments, 813 Park is looking for a fresh start with a new address, 807 Park Avenue, and interiors by designer Eric Cohler. The real curse, however, may be that those jaw-dropping 17-foot-tall ceilings in the living rooms don't carry over to the other rooms. The above photos come from $12.99 million Townhouse #2 listing. [Big Deal/Josh Barbanel]

2) Back in August 2006, the Times reported that a slowdown in the superhot market was bringing the concept known as "compromise" back to the table. In December, there was a "stalemate" between buyers and sellers. Now, it appears that we're back to compromise. Whew, what a ride! ['Responding to a Less Heated Market'/Christine Haughney]

3) The massive condo conversion of the Manhattan House has the stink of desperation all over it. With the June 30 deadline of delivering 87 signed contracts approaching, the developers are trying a new stunt to generate interest: hosting the 2008 Kips Bay Decorator Show House in its five 20-story towers. The Kips Bay Decorator Show House is traditionally held in, you know, a house. [Big Deal/Josh Barbanel]

4) A look at the trend of repurposing old powerhouses for condo use has an update on our friend The Powerhouse Condo in Long Island City. About 30 percent of Phase 1?the 177 units actually inside the original structure?have sold since October, per the developer. [Posting/C.J. Hughes]

5) A young married couple from Seattle considers Williamsburg on their Brooklyn condo hunt, but they doubt their hipster credentials. Then, Bed-Stuy is "too barren." Eventually they drop the condo thing in favor of a house in Clinton Hill, and two robberies follow. [The Hunt/Joyce Cohen]

6) The Times looks into the 535 West End Avenue "21st Century Pre-war Residences" mindfuck and comes away with the same reaction we had: Extell's Gary Barnett exists in his own strange world. [The City/Jennifer Bleyer]

535 West End Avenue

535 West End Avenue, New York, NY

Manhattan House

200 East 66th Street, New York, NY