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Karl Fischer Playing Beat the Downzone on Grand Street?

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Last week, after the City Planning Commission voted for a downzoning of Grand Street in Williamsburg that would give a 15-story Karl Fischer "Monster Tower" a serious shave, the ubiquitous architect was quoted in the Brooklyn Paper as saying that the building would be "substantially redesigned" as a result. The implication was that the building couldn't slide in under the old zoning. A tipster emailed to say that maybe it still can because while the old building on the site recently barely disappeared, work is progressing at a lightening pace. In fact, demolition, excavation and foundation work are all going on at the same time. It's significant because if a foundation is completed before the new zoning takes effect then the building can go to 15 stories under the old zoning. Will Hot Karl beat the downzone? Stay tuned.
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