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CurbedWire: Chatham Dunk'd, 20 Pine Progress, Lotta Details

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HELL'S KITCHEN?A tipster was strolling by the Chatham 44, where rendering gave way to reality, and noted the retail coming into the building (above). He wrote: "Thought it was a funny store for a 'luxury' residence." Well, McDonald's is going into Gramercy by Starck and 15 Central Park West has a Best Buy, so it's hard to define a building based on its retail tenants. [CurbedWire Inbox]

FiDi?A brief e-mail, yet so powerful: "20 Pine, after two years, had it's first closing yesterday." Amen. Who wants cookies? [CurbedWire Inbox]

HARLEM?Confused about the name of yesterday's Development Du Jour, Lotta Condominiums? So were we, so we asked broker Tamir Shemesh about it. Apparently, entertainer and actress Lotta Crabtree lived in the building for a time. So there you have it. [CurbedWire Staff]