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Eye on Dubai: Another WTC Springs Up in the Desert

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It is fitting, given Dubai's lightning-fast development pace and the lack of restrictions placed on architects working in the city, that once we finally report on progress on our own World Trade Center, kaboom, here comes Dubai's. But they are very different visions. Developer Larry Silverstein assembled a team of starchitects to design his World Trade Center office towers, and a number of spin-off buildings will rise along the edges. Dubai's World Trade Centre District, reports World Architecture News, is the work of one shop: Hopkins Architects. Or, at least Phase 1 is the work of Hopkins Architects. You never know how big these crazy Dubai projects will grow. And it's not just commercial space. Dubai's WTC will also have 2,000 apartments, two five-star hotels with a combined 1000 rooms, retail space and 8,300 underground parking spaces. Didn't think you could dig into the desert like that? Clearly you're not paying attention. Anything is possible in the land of wonders known as Dubai.
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