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PLG's Glassy 'Park Tower': Prospect Park's New Friend

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Last week, the new 20-story glass tower that will rise in PLG had its big reveal, including the urban clock with LEDs. Whether one likes or dislikes the building from Gilman Architects, it would become part of the background from different spots in Prospect Park from which no tall buildings are currently visible. Local blogger A Year in the Park, whose entire blog is devoted to Prospect Park, did a photo & rendering mashup of park + building. The blogger calls the it "a glass-sheathed atrocity" and especially isn't feeling its private park, writing "the residents of this thing would never have to take the five-minute walk to the greensward that will dominate their 'view'; they can disport themselves on their own roof, and never descend to walk among the bodegas or the nail parlors or their patrons."
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