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Anger at Harlem Rezoning, But 'Every Little Makes a Bittle'

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When the controversial rezoning of 125th Street was pushed through the City Planning Commission yesterday, we remarked, "It goes without saying that reactions will be coming." And how! Today, the topic explodes onto the pages of the local tabloids, sharing major space with some other story about hookers or something. The Post's website even reduces the issue down to one helpful graphic. Then: Apollo. Soon: Box. Both the Daily News and the Post focus on the sensitive racial undertones of the conflict, no longer undertones as some anti-rezoning activists' lashed out during the proceedings that the CPC is trying to force black people off of 125th Street in favor of luxury housing. One architectural historian and rezoning opponent targeted chairwoman Amanda Burden, yelling, "You're a rich, rich, rich horrible person. You're destroying our communities," among other things. But after all the bashing, the Post did manage to find one Harlemite in favor of the plan, and he sums up his opinion thusly: "I think it will boost the economy and become a great place for up and coming artists, entrepreneurs, writers, choreographers, fashion and entertainment people. People up here have a hustler's spirit, and they all grind no matter what happens. It will build up revenue for small entrepreneurs. Every little makes a bittle."
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