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Construction Watch: Bionic Pearl St. Better, Stronger, Faster

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Construction photos of 211 Pearl Street?where the last remaining relic of Lower Manhattan's "first World Trade Center" is being absorbed into the design of a big new apartment building?will never cease to be amusing (OK, and a little sad). Everyone went through great pains to preserve the façade, and just the façade, of 211 Pearl, even while its equally-historic 19th Century neighbors were being demolished. Now we're left with this silly sight. Soon to be even more silly, once the giant hotel is built on the other side of it. This sordid little tale is most likely soon to be forgotten, considering the Historic Pearl Street website is now dedicated to vintage wood trading. So our children and children's children can remember a time when this block wasn't just about floor-to-ceiling windows and rooftop bars, we present the above guided photo history. Make sure to download "The Way We Were" before clicking through.
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213 Pearl Street

213 Pearl Street, New York, NY