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Is Today the Day the East River Flies Solow?

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Sometime today, and perhaps as soon as RIGHT NOW, two City Council subcommittees?the Subcommittee on Zoning and Franchises and the Subcommittee on Land Use?will vote on wacky developer Sheldon Solow's East River waterfront proposal just south of the UN. The much-delayed decision will come following weeks of negotiations between Solow and local officials, who are worried about the scale of the six proposed residential towers as well as the giant office building (some would also like a big new park to be part of the plan). The Sun's Peter Kiefer reports via "sources" that a modified version of the plan is expected to be approved. The curveball is that no one seems sure about the concessions that Solow will make to get this pushed through. Reduced building heights? More affordable housing? The world's biggest waterslide? Please please be that last one.
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