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CurbedWire: Zinc Out of the Clink, Orion in Flipper Hell

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TRIBECA?On the most northern reaches of the Triangle Below Canal, the Zinc Building?from the same architects that brought you One Ten 3rd?has dropped one side of scaffolding and opened up to the world. Note the fresh paved sidewalk and the triangular bit of open space that is just begging for some grass. Tribeca's smallest park, perhaps? [CurbedWire Staff]

MIDTOWN WEST?Extell's Orion, no stranger to the ballsy flip, now appears to be trapped in resale mania. Writes a tipster: "Just looked up the long sold-out Orion to see what's available. There are currently 30 resales available in the building. 30! Buyer's market? Lookup 350 West 42nd on Natefind to see results." [CurbedWire Inbox]