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PriceSpotter Big Reveal: Post-War on the Park

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Location: 923 Fifth Avenue
Asking: $6,250,000

Steve. Steve, Steve, Steve. Very good going with your "I'll go with $6.25 Million, looks like a nice place, I would buy it" guess on this Fifth Avenue duplex, but are we to believe the commenter a few rows down who wrote "#2 works in my office, and he cheated. He told me he googled the 'stats' of the apartment and found out the purchase price. Not fair?" Controversy aside, there were many compliments regarding the layout and floorplan of this post-war condo not far from Eliot Spitzer's rental pad. But one person suspects foul play: "I have the teensiest suspicion that this is a combo of a small one bedroom on the lower floor with a larger 'penthouse' on the upper floor. If you look at the structural beams, they're not arranged for the room configuration on the lower floor. A combo would also explain why the terrace, the apartment's only nice feature, is at the bedroom level and why the large closet on the second floor has a window. It was probably the penthouse's original kitchen."
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