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Ask Curbed: Where Can I Build This?

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Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, the greatest Ask Curbed of all time:

Where can I find/buy/build the light-industrial warehouse bat cave I want to build out for my new wife and myself -- and hopefully soon, our brood. I'm thinking big garage door(s)... 2-3 stories, mostly empty on ground floor for workshop/rock-out-space... with one or more Rocio Romero pre-fab boxypod stacked on the roof. See attached rough sketch I made last year based on an LIC building. But LIC now seems totally fucked from a RE value perspective, with all these condos popping up everywhere. Where do you think I can do a project like this in NYC on the cheap-ish? While still being on a major subway line for daily commute, and in a neighborhood one can live in, safely and ideally quietly, with wife and kids etc.
It has to be the South Bronx, right? Because as far as we know, the Moon doesn't have the warehouse stock and subway access yet.
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