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Say Your Prayers, BelDel: Baruch Planning 18 Stories?

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[Photo via PropertyShark]

When a previous Rumbling & Bumbling came up regarding the fate of Friedman's Hosiery and its 324-326 Grand Street neighbors on the Lower East Side, an interesting bit of unconfirmed intel came in: "The old lady who ran the place, and whose family had the business there for many years, told me that they're building a 15 or 20 story apartment building. Don't you just love the LES!" Now, there's paperwork to back that up. An application was filed to build an 18-story, 36-unit apartment building on the low-rise block between Orchard and Ludlow Streets. The owner listed on the filing is infamous landlord Baruch Singer, and the architect is the New Rochelle-based Richard Bienenfeld. The Buildings Department application also says "SUSPENDED" and mentions that drawings were filed along with the paperwork. We called the DOB for more information, and while they didn't inform us about why the application was suspended, they did say that Singer has submitted revised plans. They are still in the pre-approval process, and therefore the building drawings are not public record yet. So we can't see them. And neither can you. Which, in the end, is probably a good thing. Be afraid.
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