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CurbedWire Special Edition: One Madison Clocktower Busted!

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FLATIRON?My oh my, this is just too much to handle on a Friday afternoon. We all know that the Met Life clocktower on Madison Avenue was supposed to be converted to condos by art collector/developer Aby Rosen and The Ian Schrager, before they abandoned the plan and sold the building to Africa-Israel megabillionaire Lev Leviev. At the time, it was suspected that Leviev would push ahead on the condo plan, but he's never commented on it. Well what do we have here? A Stop Work Order was issued at 1 Madison Avenue today, for "interior demo" without permits on the "tower only." Read it right here. And what sort of interior demo are we talking about? A tipster writes: "They just got hit with a stop work order because they are mocking up apartments without permits." It looks like the legendary building, technically 5 Madison Avenue, will eventually get those new residents. Do you have your broker on the line yet? [CurbedWire Inbox]