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Maki's Model Storms Astor Place: The 'Bucks Stops Here?

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The rendering of Japanese starchitect Fumihiko Maki's design of a new "jewel box" office building at 51 Astor Place is interesting, sure, but it's also a little ... flat. Just shapes on a page, without much detail indicating how it can actually be a real physical structure. But via World Architecture News, this model clues us in a little better on Maki's 13-story creation, with its black granite and "ribbing material" and Cooper Union-replacing charm. It also looks like the Starbucks on the property?one of two in Astor Place, of course?may be razed. Will it reopen in the building's lobby, with hundreds of new regulars lurking directly above? Only the java gods, and developer Edward Minskoff, know for sure.
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51 Astor Place

51 Astor Place, New York, NY 10003