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Curbed PriceChopper: Everything Left at Novo Park Slope

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There is major PriceChopping action at the Novo Park Slope on Fourth Avenue. Just last week, it was revealed that the ground floor tenant wouldn't be a retailer or a restaurant, but an ambulatory care center for Methodist Hospital. The tipster who pointed out Ye Olde PriceChops wrote that it "looks like having a Methodist Hospital on-site is bearish to property value." In any case, the carnage on streeteasy is mere hours old in most cases, but ten of the 12 units still listed at the building have gotten a serious shave. A 3BR, for instance, has gotten a $105,000 PriceChop down to $905,000. A 2BR takes a $50,000 hit down to $799,000. A 1BR gets a $30,000 trim to $565,000. Big discounts, plus medical help will only be steps away.
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