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More BelDel Madness: A Dirty Dozen for Gertel's?

While not as jarring as the 18 stories that may rise on Grand Street on the Lower East Side, this approved building permit for a new 12-story, 27-unit building at 55 Hester Street is still dramatic enough to rattle the lands south of Delancey Street. The plot in question, the tile store seen above, is notable for its location: next to the former home of Gertel's Bakery, the legendary rugelach retailer that was forced out last June after 93 years, and was later demolished despite a Stop Work Order being in place on the property. Gertel's?or 53 Hester Street, rather?still has a SWO, but this new permit does mention a "horizontal and vertical extension" to the existing one-story building at 53, so perhaps the new apartment building will extend onto the old Gertel's land. Reports our tipster about the goings-on down on Hester: "The planned 115 feet of Chinatown residential glory is on par in height with the nearby landmarks of the Forward Building on East Broadway and the Jarmulovsky Bank building on Canal. Demolition officially started with the arrival of the dumpster and the appearance of two guys starting to take the roof apart with an ax and pry bar. The sonorous jackhammers are pounding away as I type." How soothing.
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53 Hester Street

53 Hester Street, New York, NY