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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: Duncan Chic, Hudson Square Attracts Heavies, More

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1) Spring Awakening composer and recovering pop musician Duncan Sheik had a good 1999. It was in those pre-boom days that Sheik bought a 2,400-square-foot raw loft at 195 Hudson Street for a bit over $850,000. He turned it into a swingin' live/work space, building out an entire recording studio where he laid down some hot tracks with Jay-Z (OK, not really, but Jay does own the penthouse). Now, old man Sheik wants to separate his life from his work, so he's moving to Gramercy Park and selling the Tribeca loft. He's asking for a cool $2.85 million, following?per the listing?a "$75,000 price improvement!" [Big Deal/Josh Barbanel]

2) The wilds of West Chelsea are no place to raise a family, so husband-and-wife Daily Show correspondents Samantha Bee and Jason Jones bought an $835,000 condo in Extell's Avery on the Upper West Side. Oops, exuse us, "Riverside South." [The Real Deal]

3) The glassy 505 Greenwich, over in Hudson Square just off Spring Street, reportedly has Joel Schumacher, André 3000 and Robert De Niro sniffing it out. This sounds slightly suspicious, because these guys could probably pool their resources and just buy all of Tribeca if they wanted to. They don't need to be near the Tunnel. [S. Jhoanna Robledo/NYMag]

4) The Irving Place co-op owned by late film critic Joel Siegel was sold for $1.95 million to an In Style editor. Wow, and we thought magazines were a dying breed. [The Real Estate]

505 Greenwich Street

505 Greenwich Street, New York, NY

195 Hudson Street

195 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10007