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Brooklyn's Newest Neighborhood: NoProPaSo?

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[Photo courtesy of Flatbush Gardener/flickr]

If there's a moral to this story it's: be careful about joking about neighborhood names because someone might believe it. The neighborhood in question is Caton Park, which is part of Victorian Flatbush on the south side of Prospect Park. There was a New York Times story this weekend about the neighborhood and historic preservation efforts, in which it was noted that "preservation-minded residents" are "seeking to keep intact the area they call NoProPaSo (North of Prospect Park South). The only trouble is that the Crazy Stable blog did it as a joke.

The blogger writes:

There is just one problem here: Absolutely nobody on earth calls Caton Park NoProPaSo As a joke in the blogosphere. A joke I shared, with broad eye-rolling irony...Well, let's throw it against the wall and see if it sticks. NoProPaSo, to the barricades!What, no VicFla for Victorian Flatbush or DitPa for Ditmas Park? Can we at least get a PaSlo for Park Slope, then?
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