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High Atop Central Park South: That's Rather Hideous?

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110 Central Park South, the converted former Ritz-Carlton and Intercontinental Hotels, gained notoriety for its lavish model apartment, pre-war touches and mega-purchase by Tommy Mottola. Now, it'll be known for this. Have you no heart, he who nominates this $25 million five-bedroom palace-in-the-sky for That's Rather Hideous status? You dare insult the, quote, "two year renovation done by renowned designer Joanna Pottier of Beverly Hills?" Sure, it's one hot mess of a gaudy mish-mash, but is that a good thing? This one has torn Curbed HQ apart. Some say it's ugly, others think $25 million apartments on Central Park are supposed to be, shall we say, slightly over the top. What say you?

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