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Founding Father FeudWatch: Where Will the Ham Land?

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The plan to move Alexander Hamilton's colonial home from its current cramped Harlem quarters to the northwest corner of St. Nicholas Park was supposed to be a feel-good story about preserving our national history, but it has taken an ugly turn all because of a compass. Preservationists are making a big stink over the fact that the Hamilton Grange will be facing northeast once it's moved, not southwest as originally intended. The controversy is so out of control that supporters of the move have put up a website and petition defending the home's, uh, orientation. One writes:

A few local "preservationists" are so adamant that the Grange be placed in its new site in exactly the same compass orientation as it was on the original site that they are now threatening to bring a lawsuit against the National Park Service (NPS). The defense of this lawsuit by NPS would siphon off precious public dollars allocated by Congress for this project and could threaten the move itself. These "preservationists" have stated publicly that they would rather see the Grange remain in its present cramped quarters and unrestored than have it placed in the "wrong" orientation. They are also claiming that they have the support of the local community for their action. This Thursday night (March 20) those opposed to the NPS siting will be bringing a resolution to the local Community Board (CB9 Manhattan) asking for its support of their position. I and others will be speaking out against the resolution.

When reached for comment, Hamilton said, "BRAINS...BRAINS...ME WANT EAT BRAAAIIINSSSS." An interesting perspective, certainly.
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