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Chambers Street Hotel Will Be a Tumor Building

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Our same Curbed correspondent who attended yesterday's Landmarks Preservation Commission meeting to get the scoop on 8-12 Bond Street also caught wind of the plans for 87 Chambers Street (right, via PropertyShark), the 5-story Tribeca building with the totaled insides that's set to become a 100-room boutique hotel. The issue over how the developers plan on carving 100 rooms out of this landmark appears to be settled, rather dramatically:

Right on the heels of the Bond St. approval, the particularly cheerful commission voted to OK the revised designs to a building at Chambers and Reade Streets that will be constructed behind the facade of the existing building. While one commission member expressed her general hesitation when it comes to building behind a historical facade, she praised the architects for restoring Tribeca's historical elements, specifically the integration of cast iron into the Reade Street side of the building. They were also particularly happy with the plans for the rooftop addition, which involved offsetting the new building from the old one by using stucco, painting it a different color, and moving it back a couple of feet from the parapet. If the Commission is already falling for this sort of crazy scheme, perhaps this guy might consider Tribeca.This one is getting interesting in a hurry. Let the rendering hunt begin!
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87 Chambers Street

87 Chambers Street, New York, NY