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Groups Band Together to Push Brooklyn Big House Alternatives

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The Brooklyn House of Detention story, aka the Jail with Retail or the Jail with Retail & Condos, is not about to go away. An organization calling itself the Brooklyn House of Detention Stakeholders Group is now calling for a task force to look into the future of the jail site at Atlantic Avenue and Smith Street (across the street from the Lux + Pop Smith condo and a new hotel opening later this year, which gives the jail a luxe condo and hotel angle). The group has also set up a new website, "to keep the community informed of the ongoing struggle against expansion of the Brooklyn House of Detention ." A lot of groups from Boerum Hill, Cobble Hill and environs bitterly oppose the city's efforts to reopen and double the capacity of the jail, even with shopping. The latest angle is that the city ignored a "visionary plan" to redevelop the facility with condos, rental apartments, alternative incarceration programs and retail. The latter is crucial as it allows continued ability to refer to is as the Jail with Retail.
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