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Park Slope Panhandlers Dress for Success

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How does on beg successfully for money on the streets of Park Slope, where some longstanding panhandlers practically have leases on the spaces they inhabit? Here's an interesting tale from the Park Slope Forum on Brooklynian:

When my pudgy dog and I turned the corner onto 7th ave, I heard a woman asking a young man for a quarter. She pocketed the quarter, turned, and accidentally kicked my dog. She apologized, and I tried to assure her that it was no problem. She strode ahead. She was 30-35 years old, white, blondish hair, gray dress slacks (is that what they are called?), a black jacket, and black purse. I went on walking behind her. Then I heard her asking another person for a quarter, then another, then another. She stopped every other person she saw and asked for a quarter. What amazed me was how many people stopped, opened their purse or searched their pockets, and gave her money. I have lived in this neighborhood for six years or so, seen many people asking for change, but never have I seen someone so successful in such an endeavor. It was remarkable. My dog and I walked behind her from Union to 3rd st. The numbers were staggering--after a while I had to start counting. She spoke to at least 20 people that I saw--and only three people didn't give her change. Only one person breezed right by her. Often, when she spoke to people, she mentioned something about a phone call, but when she walked past a second time she was grumbling and I heard the word "dinner." I also thought I saw something glisten beneath her eyes, though this might have been a trick of the light.

Just a little non-stroller-related slice of life in the Slope.
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