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Development Du Jour: 150 West 15th Street

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Location: 150 West 15th Street btwn Sixth/Seventh
Size: Four units
Prices: $1,695,000 to $7,000,000
Architects: John Gordon and Cortney Walleston
Developer: Herzberg Property Group
Sales & Marketing: Brian Babst for Corcoran
Lowdown: The listings for this very boutique building on the cusp of Chelsea, sporting a façade of bronze-finished anodized aluminum panels, are celebrating their first full day on the market. Congrats! Designed by a pair of FLAnk alums, 150 West 15th Street is configured as one townhouse, two simplexes and one penthouse, and the theme is outdoor space, "for living, not decoration," as the website puts it. The townhouse compliments its 3,300 square feet of interior space with a private yard complete with hot tub. The full-floors have 70-square-foot balconies. The blingin' penthouse has a?brace yourself?private rooftop swimming pool. Oh my. Crushingly, that penthouse is already in contract, so look elsewhere if your ultimate goal is a place for your nude Marco Polo tournament. As a delicious little curveball, the nearly forgotten concept of "fun" has worked its way into the rendering. Rubber duckies! Piranhas! We likey.

150 West 15th Street

150 West 15th Street, New York, NY