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Divine Intervention Needed to Untangle Broken Angel Mess?

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[Image courtesy of Scott Beveridge/flickr]

Nothing about the bizarre saga of Clinton Hill's Broken Angel has been simple or straightforward. Today's Daily News reports that even a film about the structure has led to a lawsuit, which is not be confused with the owner's lawsuit against the city, which was dismissed last week. Connoisseurs of odd Brooklyn struggles might recall the pitched battle after a dramatic fire drew attention to it in 2006 and led to demands for a tear down, appeals for donations and, well, a tear down and plan to redevelop it as condos. The photo above shows the progress of work. In any case, a filmmaker is now in court with a cinematographer suing for return of demolition footage shot last year. Meanwhile, creator Arthur Woods relates that he's been forced to live in a van from time to time and says that a dismissal of his suit against the city last week was the result of "an illegal motion to dismiss the case." Looks like it will be a while before the building is finished.
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