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Toll Brothers Take on Murray Hill

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[Photo via PropertyShark]

Aesthetic issues aside, the Toll Brothers' One Ten 3rd in the East Village was a big hit, so it's not surprising that the developers are looking to strike again in Manhattan. And while the Tolls can be a little secretive (Bob Toll on his massive Gowanus project in the Observer this week: "I'm not going to say."), The Real Deal has the scoop on TB's next "Urban Living" location: 303 East 33rd Street, at the corner of Second Avenue. Not the most glam location, but the Tolls will go wherever there's money to be made, and Murray Hill is hot on new buildings right now. The 130-unit condo building will go on sale in the spring or summer, with completion planned in the fall of 2009. The deal is a partnership with Kibel Company, which currently owns the site (above). Interestingly, Cantor Pecorella will handle sales and marketing, even though Halstead has marketed all of the Toll Brothers' New York City projects to date. Are the Tolls looking to shake things up a little?
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303 East 33rd Street

303 E 33rd St., New York, NY 10016