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Jackpot: West Village's Triple Sevens go for $34 Million

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Photographer Albert Watson's massive 20,000-square-foot live/work home at 777 Washington Street has sold, New York reports, and the amount is enough to make even the nearby Palazzo Chupi do a slow-clap in appreciation. The 31-room, 70-foot-wide West Village jawdropper, at the corner of Jane Street, went for $34 million after dangling on the market for a couple of years. This is on par with last year's downtown townhouse showstopper, the 55-foot-wide renovated 11 West 10th Street that went for a shade above $33M. Watson bought the bulding for $850,000 in 1985, and he swears this isn't some Village-selling-out-its-soul type of move. He's headed to Tribeca, but he says the new owner is an English financier who will keep it as a single-family home. "This is not a Superior Ink," Watson said. Burn.
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Palazzo Chupi

360 W 11th St, New York, NY 10014