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Burg's Gas Pains Finally Cured: Power Plant is Really Dead

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The big proposed TransGas Power Plant on the Williamsburg/Greenpoint waterfront is finally dead. For real. The power plant, which managed to cling to life for several years after it was supposedly "stopped" by community objections was definitively laid to rest today by an obscure state agency called the Siting Board. The plant, most of which would have underground, would have gone on land south of the Bushwick Inlet that the city wants to turn into a big park. It would have been north of East River State Park, The Edge and Northside Piers condos. Joe Lentol, an Assemblyman who led the fight against the plant issued a statement saying he was "thrilled" at the decision and that building the plant would have been "a travesty and a betrayal." The city still faces a long process putting together all of the land for the park. The utility owns the eight acres that would form part of the park and the same Assemblyman has suggested taking it via eminent domain.
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