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The Truth About 20 Pine: Still, uh, Needs Work

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Few Financial District developments have received as much hype as 20 Pine - The Collection, the Michael Shvo-marketed, Armani Casa-designed office building conversion with the 24-hour sales office that opened over two years ago. Since then, it's been gripe after gripe from buyers who have been left in the dark about what's going on down in the FiDi. But last week we received a report about the first closing at 20 Pine, and the Observer's Shvo feature this week mentions some more, so it looks like all is finally well in Pineland. But what will these long-suffering 20 Pine buyers find when they finally move in? A Curbed tipster whose office overlooks 20 Pine's 25th floor "Terrace Lounge" (seen above in rendering form) sent us a picture of the current state of the pool.

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