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On the Racked: Starbucks De-Tagged, Sampling Hermès Madness, Bowery Soul Uncrushed, More

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And now, the latest from Racked, covering shopping and retail from the sidewalks up.

1) East Village: Next time you're tempted to tag up a Starbucks, just think about the baristas that Howard Schulz is forcing to do graffiti removal duty. More pics of the beautification of the East Village over at Racked.

2) Chelsea: Racked was all over the Hermès sample sale. From the looong line outside to a blow-by-blow of the scene inside to a big photo gallery of the goods, it's all there.

3) East Village: There is good news to report in the sense that the empty storefront at 313 Bowery, formerly CBGB's Gallery, will not be turned into something completely soul-crushing. It'll be the Morrison Hotel Gallery.

4) West Village: Racked has many photographs of the Marc for Marc Jacobs windows that "are now almost solidly covered with charmingly awkward images of ragtag puppies, gaggles of girls with flat-ironed hair, and others either pinching their noses or smelling the roses." Nice skunk.