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Ask Curbed: Church of Stern Ruining My Sleep

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Developer Larry Silverstein's 99 Church Street, a limestone tower designed by starchitect Robert A.M. Stern that will be the tallest residential building in Manhattan (and will have a Four Seasons Hotel for good measure), is causing headaches for those trailblazing pioneers who dared move to the World Trade Center area. Well, right now it's the demolition of the old 11-story Moody's headquarters that's causing all the banging:

I live in a residential building directly across the street from the site of the new 99 Church St. building, where the new high-rise Four Seasons/fancy condo building will be. Demolition of the old Moody's building on that site has been going on for months now, with jackhammering going on six days a week starting at 7:00am every day. And once they're done with demolition, they still have to build the damn building, which will take at least a year. I've called 311 and filed noise complaints but doubt that it has done any good. Are there any noise laws that would prevent them from doing construction so early in the morning in a (semi-) residential area? Is construction quieter than demolition? Or should we just move elsewhere?Should this person be honored that, in a city of filled with noise complaints, at least it's a high-profile project that's ruining her life? OK, maybe not. So, who's got some war stories that can provide useful guidance?
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99 Church St

99 Church Street, Manhattan, NY 10007