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No End in Sight for Leaning Tower of Broadway

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On the Times' City Room blog, David Dunlap wades into the mess that is the Leaning Tower of Broadway, the cast-iron landmark at the corner of Reade Street that is now tilting eight inches to the south. The tenants at 287 Broadway were ordered to vacate in November, and they are still in a frustrating state of limbo. The cause of all this, of course, is the construction of the L-shaped glass condo tower being built around the landmark. But the specifics of the screw-up is a blame game with no end in sight, according to the lawyer for the pizza shop that occupied a storefront at 287 Broadway:

“The general contractor is going to blame the underpinning subcontractor, who’s going to blame the plant overseer, who’s going to blame the guy operating the backhoe, who’s going to blame the guy operating the crane,” he said. “And all the lawyers are going to have a feeding frenzy for the next couple of years.”Years. Yikes. According to a Buildings Department spokeswoman, engineers feel 287 Broadway is stable and "can be salvaged." At this point, is it worth the trouble?
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287 Broadway

287 Broadway, New York, NY

57 Reade Street

57 Reade Street, New York, NY 10007