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And the Weeping Wind Whispered ... Windermere

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When last we left the Windermere?the boarded-up Hell's Kitchen landmark that has been the subject of a six-year Wired New York thread as well as about 10,000 "What's up with this building?" e-mails to Curbed?we were being teased with some repairs to the 1881 structure at Ninth Avenue and 57th Street. That was before the gas leak. And since, nothing. Yesterday, City Room reported that the city has finally had enough, filing a lawsuit in State Supreme Court against the owners of the building. The Landmarks Preservation Commission, probably feeling a little scorned, is demanding repairs to the crumbling seven-story building and fines of $5,000 per day until the work begins. Plus, there's still the matter of the trial in the tenants' case against the owner, which the Housing Court has yet to rule on. The last seven holdout tenants were ordered out of the building after a fire in September, and have not been allowed to return (hello, it's a death trap!). Last time the Windermere went to court, a lawyer said the landlord was gravely ill in a Japanese hospital, so, uh, this one could drag on for a while.
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