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NYU's Razzle Dazzle Accused of Being 'Nazi'

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NYU's wild visions for its massive expansion effort are finally receiving the reaction from Greenwich Village residents that we expected: Total. Fucking. Panic. Do check in with the Villager's story on the March 13th meeting between NYU and residents of the four-building Washington Square Village complex. NYU has several potential plans for the superblock just south of Washington Square Park?the four buildings (two on West Third Street and two on Bleecker Street) are separated by a lawn and playground built on top of a parking garage?some of which can be seen above. One potential scenario involves the demolition of the existing buildings and restoring the original street grid, a proposal not looked very fondly upon by the assembled rent-regulated tenants. Some color from the madness:

"Nazi tactics," charged one resident, adding, "I'm not calling you a Nazi, I'm saying the tactics your are using are Nazi." Hurley was indignant but restrained at that comment, but when another resident said the meeting was "a waste of time" and intended only to "razzle tenants," Hurley suggested that anyone who agreed should leave the meeting. No one made a move to go.Oh, so the Nazis offered to fairly compensate people who were forced to relocate due to German expansion? Wow, then why do those dudes get such a bad rap?
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