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The Other Big Rail Yards Thing is Also Kinda Screwed Up

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The good news for MTA chief Lee Sander is no matter what depressing news he reveals about the Hudson Yards today, it's going to get overshadowed by the mess in Brooklyn. So ... how's that bidding process going? You know, the one that's supposed to be wrapping up right about now, with a celebratory announcement naming the developer who will reshape the Far West Side into a vibrant residential and commercial meganeighborhood? Oh, that. Yeah, not so good, it turns out. The Sun's Peter Kiefer quotes Sander as saying a March decision "will be an aggressive time frame for us to meet." Who knows how long the decision will be delayed, but blame the changes in Albany, the changes in the credit-crunched market and the changes in the bid requirements for the troubles. Blame it all! But at least Bruce Ratner has nothing to do with it.
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