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Yardsmania Update-o-rama: Tishman Must Get Sexy?

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After weeks of closed-door wheeling and dealing, the Hudson Yards?soon to be the biggest development project in the city, if the whole thing doesn't completely fall apart?have exploded with activity. Here, a primer on the most recent headlines:

1) The Winner: The Times reported it over the weekend, and the Sun echoes it today: the MTA is on the verge of announcing that Tishman Speyer is the winning bidder for the rail yards, with the joint Vornado/Durst bid still in play. The board will meet on Wednesday, perhaps to approve a deal. The MTA had initially set this week as the deadline, and even though there were rumors the decision would be delayed, it looks like the MTA may actually deliver on a promise. If you want to review Tishman's bid, here you go. [Sun]

2) The Park: Besides the big apartment buildings and bigger office buildings, the Hudson Yards will also feature many acres of public green space ... that no one will want to hang out on, but still, it's the thought that counts. Despite a developer not yet being in place, a search for firms interested in designing the park at the heart of the project is now underway, the Post reports. It's a good thing the search is just starting out, because the sketches released by Team Bloomberg are slightly less than tantalizing. [NYP]

3) The Models: The models? The models. Mayor Bloomberg has reportedly promised designer Diane von Furstenberg?whose other day job is president of the Council of Fashion Designers of America?that the winning Hudson Yards developer must ensure that the complex can host Fashion Week. An Economic Development Corporation spokeswoman said no such decision has been made yet, but "Fashion Week could conceivably go" to the rail yards. So it's goodbye Bryant Park, hello, uh, Eleventh Avenue? How glamorous! [NYDN]
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