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Glam Slam! Yankees Show Off New Stadium's Bling

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The Stadium War is heating up, and we have to say that this round goes to the Yankees. Not long ago the Mets unveiled some new Citi Field renderings, proudly displaying the stadium's new corporate logo. This could have been a response to the Yankees' surprising move to hoist their own new stadium sign into place, despite the somewhat early stage of construction. Now the Yankees have struck back with some new renderings of their own, and they are quite revealing?and blingtastic! The new designs were released on a website meant to market the Yankees' "premium seating," so of course the team had to show off the goods to get corporations to write the checks. While the view of the field from the seats is very similar to the old Yankee Stadium?blue seats with a white façade ringing the park?it's all the other innards that are getting tricked out, from the entrance (Great Hall, above) to the concessions (martini bar, steakhouse) to the luxury suites (more flatscreens than a Tokyo electronics factory). The "cheapest" premium plan is for the 1,300 Terrace Level Outdoor Suite seats in nine higher sections behind home plate, which start at $100 per game. Skip these and go right for the $700/game Club Suite seats, which include food and beverages, indoor and outdoor seating and concierge service. Your move, Mets!
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