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Moynihan Station Deathblow: MSG Pulls Out of Plan?

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The Sun's Peter Kiefer reports a late-afternoon bombshell: Madison Square Garden officials will move forward with a renovation of the arena instead of going along with the Penn Station/Moynihan Station redevelopment plan, which called for a new Garden to be constructed on the western end of the Farley Post Office building on Eighth Avenue. An MSG spokesman said:

Madison Square Garden has decided to move forward with our renovation previously announced in 2004. After exploring several alternatives, it has become clear that the only viable option is a renovation. Details will be available in the coming days. Madison Square Garden supports West Side redevelopment and applauds Senator Schumer's involvement.The Schumer bit refers to the senator's attempt to rally the troops today in support of Moynihan Station. More mind games from the Dolans in order to get financing and tax breaks, or is the Moynihan Station plan?gulp?dead? Sure, this plan has been dead and buried before, only to rise like a phoenix, but we have a bad feeling given the current state of other capital-sucking massive urban planning projects. Oh God, please don't give us another 40 years of Penn Station.
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