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In Tribeca, the Berkel Has Landed (Almost)

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To say that we're excited to see what Dutch architect Ben van Berkel has planned for his first New York City project?a condo building to be inserted into a Tribeca back-alley?would be like saying that perhaps the Knicks would be better off without Isiah Thomas. Double duh. Luckily, we're getting closer to seeing what BvB has in store for Lower Manhattan. A teaser website has just launched for his Five Franklin Place, and while there are no renderings (drat!), there are some details shared. Keeping the numerical symmetry, the building will have 55 apartments. The sales office will open sometime in April, and interiors are by B&B Italia. And in a very smart move by developer Sleepy Hudson, they've hired real estate power publicist Andrea Schwan, because this one might take some 'splainin.
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5 franklin place

5 franklin place, New York, NY 10013