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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

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1) Wall Street Layoff Watch: The Impact (131 Comments)
"you know if it gets cheaper to live in NYC its just going to attract a shitload more hipsters."
2) Carroll Gardens-Boerum Hill Attacked by Strollers, Skateboards (89 Comments)
"I do not hate kids , nor skate rads.. but what i did hate was going to try Tea Lounge the other day.. asking for a cappuccino, and actually having the 2 moms ask before me to sanitize their kids pacifiers in the milk steamer.. then right afterwards without any cleaning the 'Barista' put the same steamer in the milk frother and made my drink..."
3) The Best News of All Time Ever (87 Comments)
"The 1960's called. They want their experimental visionary urban architecture back."
4) Your Morning Credit Crunch: A Terrible Year ... in 2010 (71 Comments)
"Manhattan only grew by 8,000 new residents last year. We could see that many people lose their job at Bear Stearns alone. And we're just starting to hear about problems at Merrill Lynch, another big player in the mortgage product space...The sky isn't falling. It's crumbling."