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Meanwhile, on the East River, Another Pier Tale of Woe

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While the fight about Pier 40 on the Hudson River has been getting a lot of attention, the debate over the future of Pier 15 on the East River Esplanade has gotten a bit testy too. Those with an appetite for such things might recall that a presentation of plans for Pier 15 last fall was panned for, among other things, not providing space for ships to dock. One group called it a "couch potato area." SHoP Architects came back with a double-decked pier and a more maritime-friendly strategy, but Downtown Express reports that the South Street Seaport Museum, which has been critical of the remake, wants Pier 15 to dock historic ships and says that it has the historic rights to run the pier. The city says it will select an operator through an RFP process and the fight isn't over by a long shot.
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