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Stuy Towners Debate What's Ruining Their Lives More

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Earlier this month, newish Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village owner Tishman Speyer changed the massive 110-building complex's long-standing pet policy, which was, basically, no pets allowed. Cats had always been secretly tolerated, but dogs have been a no-no. Now, for a one-time $250 fee, residents can own a pet but must adhere to a very strict policy (i.e., no animals on the grass, in the play areas, off the paths, etc.). Needless to say, longtime residents (Stuy Town is still about 60% rent-stabilized) were not pleased about the change. But less than one month into the new pet policy, how is it going? NOT WELL!

On the Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village Tenants Association message board, a note was posted to try and rally support amongst the anti-dog faithful. An excerpt: "We will now have sidewalks like the rest of the city with puddles of urine and smears of dog poop." This has led to an epic message board thread in which residents debate what facet of the new-look ST/PCV is plaguing them most: dogs, "MRs" (market-rate renters) or the 250 graduate students that NYU houses in Stuy Town. It's quite the read!

· "This morning I left my building at 6 a.m. and there was a puddle of urine in the middle of the sidewalk about 10 yards from our front door. I saw two others on my way out of Stuyvesant Town including one right in front of the security booth on the Oval. When I came back another dog had added to the puddle of urine in front of my building."

· "I am woken up nightly by the drunken morons coming home at all hours, but I have never been disturbed by the neighbors' dog."

· "I think you should get a dog, it will lower your blood pressure, you will live longer, and you will have a friend. Then again, maybe thats way too much to ask from the dog?"

· "I know some young MR tenants and they are definitely not into the booze and carouse and 'to hell with everyone else' scene."

· "Past three piles of dog doo today, one pile by walgreens 18st-1st ave, another pile by garage #5 14st-16st ave C, and another pile by 14st ave A west side of loop by the map of stuytown. I got pics and would like to send to [Stuy Town weekly Town & Village]."

· "The students are a problem because they are very noisy and inconsiderate. I'm sure that some of them are lovely people, but they are not the ones who draw any attention to themselves - it's the louts who get the attention, and there really are a lot of louts!"

· "I might also pick up the doo and shove it in the dog owner's face."

· "[Tishman Speyer] should put in place a separate dog enforcement unit to patrol to make sure rules are being followed."