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Canal Sweet! Toll Brothers Gowanus Project Fully Revealed

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A team from developer Toll Brothers brought their big Gowanus project before a community audience a few blocks from the Carroll Gardens site last night for a session remarkably devoid of fireworks, given previously expressed hostility in the neighborhood. The firm is trying to gain special zoning approval from the city apart from the overall Gowanus rezoning. Toll VP for Development David Von Spreckelsen explained that the firm is pushing for city approval because there is only a year-and-a-half left in the Bloomberg administration, and "we're not sure if that rezoning will happen" before the end of his term.

Asked about the softening real estate market, Mr. Von Spreckelsen said that the firm is "committed to the project" and that "we'd love to go forward" with it. The development would have 447 units of housing, about 140 of which would be affordable rental units developed by L&M Equity. GreenbergFarrow is the project architect. The development would sit on raised ground because of flooding issues around the Gowanus Canal, and it would be LEED certified, feature its own storm sewer system with holding tanks, and have a public esplanade/park on the water. Toll hopes the land-use review process for the development will start before summer.
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