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Swimming with Sharks: $67M Coney 'Fantasy Land'

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So, put those visions of a New Look Coney Island Aquarium away, because it's really looking like the big remake is going to be radically scaled back. The rendering above is the $67 million "shark fantasyland" at the Aquarium that will, according to the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, take visitors through dark caverns and coral reefs" with "the graceful creatures swimming overhead." The shark exhibit is also coming from Wallace Roberts & Todd which designed the (possibly ill-fated) exterior renovation. The shark exhibit will go in "a substantially-sized building along the boardwalk that would ultimately integrate with the new exterior." Once the shark exhibit is done, the aquarium "could" move forward with a redesign, according to its new director. It "may not resemble the flashy model to the letter, but would retain the 'spirit' of the winning design." Translation: twinkling lights on fences and trees around 2015.

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[Renderings via the Brooklyn Daily Eagle]